Stop the most sophisticated bots and human fraudsters

In one solution that leverages
the broadest attacker intelligence and unique multi-layer browser analytics

Websites are constantly under attack

$20 Billion

Of online revenues were
lost to fraud in 2021

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77% of companies

Lost revenues to bot
attacks in 2021

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$130 Billion

Will be lost to complex online
credit card fraud by 2023

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The threat of malicious bots and human fraudsters to the health of businesses all over the world has never been greater.

Their methods are becoming more and more sophisticated as they leverage advanced machine learning technologies to avoid discovery by today’s anti-bot and anti-fraud tools.

This makes it more difficult than ever to detect, stop, and prevent attacks and avoid the damage to revenues, cost-efficiency, and customer loyalty.

A whole new approach to
detecting & stopping threats

Immue is turning the tables on bots and human fraudsters with the first offering that detects, stops,
and prevents them both in one solution.
What’s more, while other tools attempt to fight the perpetrators with the same technology used for
attack, the Immue solution comes with a whole new approach to outsmarting the bad guys with:


Deep fraudster

We aggregate extensive intelligence from the digital sphere to know what they're doing and what tools they're using


Patent-pending multi-
layer browser analytics

We continually analyze over
100 browser parameters
in real time, as well as multiple
website access layers


technique tracing

We trace the dynamic patterns
of fraudster techniques
in every session to detect the
first indicators of an attack

Only with Immue

  • Understand

    What they're doing and what tools they're using

  • Analyze

    Deeper and wider
    than ever before

  • Detect

    Fraudster techniques before they attack

  • Streamline

    With one solution for bots and human fraudsters


The shortest path to value.
The one must-have tool for your arsenal.


by keeping malicious actors
out & letting the good bots in

Enhance the
customer experience

by eliminating the need
for friction inducing tactics

false positives

to protect the
customer experience


into bot & fraudster
origin and behaviors

fraud-related costs

by protecting
resource allocation


with easy deployment
that takes minutes


into bots infiltrating
your online assets

Assure business

with zero impact
to performance


with zero impact
to performance